Through the use of prefabricated framing systems, we add value to our client’s lives one building at a time.

Encourage and inspire forward-thinking ideas through education and collaboration across the construction industry.

Our company is built on people always doing the right thing, looking at problems from a different angle, and sharing ideas, thoughts, or beliefs till a conclusion is reached. Ask our clients about quality service. They know it better than we do.

We haven’t always been called Fastwalls. In fact, we haven’t always been in America either.

Founded in 1988, our business in Canada specialized in premium interior drywall. Driven by enthusiasm to do what we loved, Midwest Contracting became leaders in our hometown, Calgary Alberta. Like any team of entrepreneurs, finding new opportunities and looking at problems from a different angle came naturally to us. By 2010, the demand for prefabricated cold-formed steel wall panels was soaring. The efficient nature of these wall panels led us to one name for the new company: Fastwalls. Increased research and design lead us to explore markets in the United States.

Ever since the beginning, our employees have had an undeniable passion for the work they do. Each member has found a way to make themselves irreplaceable, which strengthens our sense of team.