If you find yourself frustrated with delayed schedules, people not answering their phones, or endless increasing costs on a job, you’re not alone. It can seem like there is no way to get around these issues, people put it down to “that’s life,” and to an extent it’s true. But every industry needs to constantly change and improve.

Construction is no exception.

Ever since we opened for business, we have been optimizing our systems for efficiency. Lien manufacturing is our cornerstone, resulting in greater value-add, and less waste. The materials we use are made from a minimum of 25% recycled content, contributing to environmentally friendly construction. Steel is also naturally non-combustible and creates less cost, (of course) for construction insurance. 

One factor sets our steel apart: prefabricated panels.

Panelization allows the structure to be built much faster compared to wood stick framing. Thousands of dollars can be saved on crane costs and labor. Depending on the height of the building, panelization can reduce project schedules by 30%, compared to stick framing. 

A business associate that we have recently worked with, Rob Simpson, completed his own case study on this. He proved that it put money on the bottom line by utilizing cold-formed steel panels. 

Prefabricated construction is money well spent.