In construction, budgeting for less is deemed impossible.

You may have already seen this video or read this blog post about how panelization increases schedule savings. But it’s not just talking.

Panelization is about 30% faster schedule-wise, compared to stick framing.

You will also be saving money in crane rental costs, labor wages, trailer rentals, safety gear…the list goes on. No one is going to cry over not spending a few extra thousand dollars.

There are a few keys to building successfully, with a smaller budget.

  1. Commence. A project that begins on the right foot will have a much higher opportunity of running through with minimal issues.
  2. Communicate. A lot of the problems you face in the construction industry would be solved if you talk to each other more.
  3. Collaborate. Involve more team members that can add value to design, engineering, or architecture.

Saving money is often a priority for most contractors, but some automatically resort to reducing quality. How many times has that worked out in the long term?

Cutting back on quality due to budget shortages is not ok. There are other ways you can save money on job costs. One of the biggest money savers is simply to get the job done faster.

In a recent case study completed by Rob Simpson, he compared wood and steel framed buildings in Oregan and Washington state. When the building has been designed, engineered, and is architecturally sound, it is not a problem to speed up the construction process.


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