What is prefabricated steel construction?

In our industry, prefabrication is a method of construction that enables installation processes to be more efficient. The raw steel that we buy goes through a series of operations such as bending, pressing, and forming to make C, Z, and S-shaped studs. Our factory line workers use each stud to assemble the panels according to drawings from the client. Manufacturing panels in our plant makes the onsite final assembly faster. Systems like ours make the overall construction procedure more profitable for the general contractor.

Fastwalls’ goal is to make the overall construction process faster, resulting in more profit.

We use panel sequencing and coordination to improve our ability to adhere to timelines.  Charlotte Cook from eSUB says, “The faster you can start building with steel, the more clients you can service.” This is true because, in our era, most businessmen and women will choose the shortest construction timeline to increase profitability.

Panel manufacturing takes place in a factory equipped with specialized systems to make the construction process more efficient. Buildings that have prefabricated panels are generally more cost-effective because installation on-site is faster than traditional methods. Panelized buildings are less risky due to more pieces of the project being completed before the materials arrive on site.

Using steel, we create panels that last and our system will not let you down. Prefabrication methods streamline our process to time and money for the contractor. In a recent meeting with William Choi from Baldwin General Contracting, he said “Your system is not a guessing game, it is a finer building science.”


Manufacturing takes place in a controlled, indoor environment so safety is improved compared to an open job site. In our factory, we can monitor the conditions our employees are working in to ensure they uphold safety standards. Safety is indispensable, so our policies must be followed.

Quality control is carefully tracked to prevent future issues during the building process. Our production line is carefully watched to achieve consistency. Engineering groups we have worked with in the past have taught us what works, so the process can be repeated which saves time and money.

Compared to traditional building methods, prefabrication is not seasonal. Winter, spring, summer, fall, with help Fastwalls will build your next wall.


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