Occupational Safety

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this term?

For those working in the construction industry, you may think of job site safety, including fall protection, personal protective equipment, scaffolding, etc… Safety hazards on site such as heights or being near dangerous chemicals, for example, can result in an immediate injury. However, the importance of in-office safety needs to be recognized as well, as many of the dangers are not immediately obvious and not discussed as frequently.

What kinds of hazards are present in an office environment, and how can injuries be prevented?

  • Desk set-up – having a poor set-up can cause neck, shoulder, and back pain, and can also result in severe issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Ensure you have a comfortable, user-friendly work space – This site is a great tool to determine the best setup for your body!
  • Sitting all day long – believe it or not, sitting can put a lot of pressure on your body. Take a break occasionally, to get up and move around the office. There are several stretches you can do at your desk, too! Take a look at some examples here.
  • Electrical cords – not only are these a major tripping hazard, but they also create a fire hazard. Ensure your cords are kept tidy and properly fastened to the floor or wall.
  • Know the emergency procedures – review the procedures with the entire office, perform safety drills, and always have a certified first-aider and fire marshal in the office.

The majority of workplace injuries can be avoided.

Be aware of the hazards surrounding you and take action to maintain a safe office environment!