It’s time for a game of Who Does It Better? Our contestants today are Wood and Steel. For each question I ask, the audience will answer based on which contestant they believe will perform best! The contestant with the most points at the end of the game wins! Ready to get started?

Question 1: There are two structures – one made out of wood and one out of steel. A fire has started and is growing by the second in both of these structures. Which one will still be standing strong after the fire has been put out?

Everyone hand in their guesses. Let’s tally the votes… And the winner is Steel! One point to Steel, plus a bonus point because Steel gets a regular insurance rate for being non-combustible!


Question 2: The weather is expected to be extremely cold over the next several days. Which contestant is able to endure this type of weather more easily?

Gather the votes.. The winner is Steel again! Also, due to Steel’s ability to withstand extreme weather, it has a longer lifespan than Wood, so Steel gets another bonus point! The score is currently 4-0 for Steel.


Question 3: We have reached the final question! Which contestant do you think has the least negative impact on the environment?

The guesses are in, and the last point goes to Steel! Steel is made up of 25% recycled materials, and it also creates minimal job-site waste and rejected material due to the consistent quality.


Steel is the clear winner with a final score of 5 – nothing!
It appears that Wood just wasn’t able to compete with the many advantages that Steel provides.
Amazing job, Steel!