Fastwalls recently implemented a state-of-the-art scanning system in our factory to increase manufacturing efficiency and quality assurance.

The System

  1. As panel tickets are received from our engineer, each ticket is assigned a unique barcode.
  2. As panels move through various stages of production, factory staff scan the assigned barcode attached to the panel, as well as their personal badge ID.
  3. When scanned, the system updates an electronic overview of the project in real time, giving our shop foreman and project team players the most up-to-date data on production status.

Quality Assurance & Accountability

Besides providing updated data, the system offers greater control over quality assurance. Since a panel is scanned at each stage of production, there is no opportunity for critical manufacturing steps to be missed. Data can be obtained for each panel from when each component was completed, to who produced it, to how long it took to produce.

By implementing the scanning system our factory staff are more accountable. They maximize productivity as a panel is at their station, and take pride in the product that leaves their hands.

At Fastwalls, we value continuous improvement. Our factory control system is one way we can offer increased value to our clients and avoid costly production errors.