Welcome to Round 2 of Who Does It Better?

Last round, Steel effortlessly defeated Wood! Next, Steel is going up against our new contestant, Concrete. Let’s see how these contestants perform this round! Just like in the first game, I’ll ask a question and the audience will submit their response based on which contestant they believe will do better! Are you ready to get started?

Question 1: A construction company wants to quickly erect a structure so that their client can open their business sooner. Plot Twist: it is the middle of winter and the weather forecast expects unrelenting cold temperatures for several more weeks. Which contestant will be able to handle this situation best?

Everyone has handed in their response, and the winner is Steel! One point goes to Steel for its ability to provide 40-50% schedule savings, plus a bonus point because Steel allows for construction schedules to be met in all weather conditions!

Question 2: Building materials often need to be transported long distances, but this can be challenging if the material is very heavy. Which contestant will allow for the lightest load?

Let’s tally the votes… and the winner is Steel, which is actually 60% lighter than Concrete. Steel receives an extra point as it has the best strength to weight ratio and doesn’t require a heavy foundation like Concrete does. So far, the score is 4-0 for Steel. I’m starting to see a trend here!

Question 3: Okay, final question. Which contestant do you believe has the most consistency in quality?

The audience has made their guesses… and the point goes to Steel! Steel has high national standards and consistency, whereas Concrete material quality varies.


Steel is simply unbeatable with a final score of 5-nothing!

It appears that Steel is the clear choice of building material for any project.

Great work, Steel!