The growing construction industry demands innovative, practical and cost-effective products and Fastwalls has an integral part in providing for that demand. There are many benefits of using prefabricated steel stud wall panels – four of which being: savings, increased safety, reduced project schedules and a reduction of labour on site.

With time, money and material all being limited resources, efficiency and innovation have become the focus and foundation of Fastwalls. We have the resources and ability to analyze a more effective way of building for unique and specialized design criteria that ensures value and sustainability.

  1. Using a prefabricated model on your construction site will allow you to realize profits sooner. The design stage is one of the most important aspects because a well-planned and well-designed project can produce tremendous cost saving benefits. Since the panels are built in advance in our factory, cost savings can be found in a reduction of materials and labour on site as well as a decreased project schedule.
  2. Prefabricating increases safety for individuals who are on site. Panels are built in our factory, trained install teams are deployed with the essential skills to get the job done. Taking trades and equipment offsite and being able to assemble the components in a weather controlled zone are ways to make the job site safer.
  3. You will be able to reduce project schedules dramatically through the rapid installation of wall panels. Quality and schedule requirements for each project can be adhered to as this process is effective, proactive and highly efficient. Wall panels will be made off site and delivered to site ready to install. Projects that are remote in nature or put together during cold winter conditions particularly benefit because the time required to close in a building is greatly decreased.
  4. Our panels and installation process will allow you to have a reduction of labour on site. Wall panels sections are brought to the site and installed quickly which enables the next trades to be brought in promptly.