team workBy definition, teamwork is working collaboratively with a group of people to achieve a desired goal. We love combining various areas of the company to team up and strategize for different projects. Not only does working together bring forth different (and sometimes better) results than an individual alone; but there is also the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues who think differently than us.

But what about working with suppliers and other business partners?

How can teamwork benefit these relationships and reinforce the product or service we are bringing to market?

At Fastwalls, we have partnered with a range of businesses all dedicated to bringing top quality products and services with the highest level of customer experience; including a structural engineer firm, a steel supplier and erector, a floor systems business, a mechanical engineer and modular core systems provider. Our relationships with them are built on trust, open communication and respect, resulting in a win-win for each player and this is how:

1.Each team member brings what they do best to the table. There are so many different components of building construction, it’s easy to let something fall through the cracks if you don’t have someone dedicated to each piece. Through working with our business partners, each team player does what they excel at and we keep each other accountable to ensure each piece is taken care of.

2.Together we can provide an end solution to the client, rather than the client having to research and choose who is going to be responsible for each trade. We carefully selected our partners just like they carefully selected us, so we are assured of the product or service and quality of work they provide.

3.Together we are more productive because the workload can be shared across more people. There is a lot to be done on a project, but thanks to our partners taking their share we can cut down on the time to completion.

4.We can network with our partners and get their expertise and ideas on projects, strengthening the end product and making it more desirable to our clients. When we turn to our partners for advice from their knowledge and experience, they contribute resolutions to challenges we never thought of and vice versa.

How important is strong business relationships with suppliers and other external contacts to you?

How critical is teamwork to strengthening your product to your clients?