The steel market consistently invests large amounts of money into creating steel that is more sustainable, with higher material efficiency, decreased weight and high recyclability. Material sustainability is a huge factor to consider but time is the next greatest factor; a large amount of project time is allocated to conventional steel framing structures due prolonged assembly and manufacturing at the site. Fastwalls takes a sustainable material, specifically Cold-Formed Steel(CFS) and applies innovation, connecting a sustainable system with a sustainable material used towards real time project execution. Fastwalls utilizes CFS sustainable properties, strength, durability, stability, non-combustibility and cost-effectiveness.

In today’s economy what’s leading innovation is to work “smarter not harder” or “knowing before doing”. Organizations don’t seek to wow customers with technically complex products, but instead aim to construct a quality solution that will deliver the greatest value to the project and client cost. The most valuable resource to any client is time, to save time and gain agility. This is where the Fastwalls system and team inputs value to each project, allowing us to implement our innovation towards time saved and agility gained in the following ways.

  • Panelized CFS construction system produces shorter construction phases, allowing steel framed projects be completed on average 30% earlier.
  • Fastwalls system CFS steel buildings utilize the offsite prefabrication process with our proprietary assembly manufacturing, resulting in enhanced speed to market and building formation.
  • Enclosed prefabricated manufacturing assures precise adherence to construction code regulations.
  • Reduces General Contractor operating cost = a satisfied client
  • Time on site footprint reduced on average between 40% – 50% less then conventional site framing
  • Durable and versatile outcome, CFS steel generates far less waste then traditional wood framing.
  • Prefabricated panels are fastened and assembled using Mechanical Fasteners, thus no welding cost

Accuracy in construction carries substantial impact towards reducing the usage of on-site operational energyOur structural CFS fly-by and Load-Bearding application panels are fabricated in a controlled environment, enforcing rigorous quality control and increasing accuracy; which helps to build sustainable relationships with your clients. Our team is able to redefine how problems are approached and identify opportunities for action, resulting in more resilient solutions. The Fastwalls system and team alleviates project choices, incorporating our proprietary manufacturing and installation to help decrease the intricate network of connection’s among various third parties and evolve the construction process with an all-inclusive product and service outlook. The outcome is a sustainable project package.

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