Fastwalls provides solutions for the construction industry through the prefabrication of steel stud, light-gauge framing. Our panelized wall systems are ideal for cost savings, faster project schedules, reducing waste on-site, and improving safety. We cover a broad range of applications and solutions for our wall systems such as bypass framing, infill framing, and load-bearing framing.


  1. Value Added Options – one of the ways our team can effectively add value to General Contractors is through value-added options that can be added to our wall panels while they are being prefabricated. Some of the options that we can provide include exterior sheathing, air vapor membranes, and pre-installed window frames. Choosing to utilize these options means hiring fewer trades and reducing construction schedules as they are delivered to the site ready for installation. Our team also has the capability to provide additional prefabricated options such as soffits, bulkheads, and radius or curved framing to help ensure efficiencies on your project.

  2. Safety – Fastwalls is committed to safety both on and off the job site. Considering that commercial construction workers suffer about 5% of USA work-related deaths, even though they only make up less than 2% of the workforce, safety should be a priority on all construction sites. To help reduce worker fatalities in commercial construction, General Contractors and Contractors can re-evaluate and strengthen their safety programs. Awarding jobs to trades that have effective safety programs can serve to reduce workplace hazards and injuries. When you use prefabricated walls, they are prefabricated in an indoor manufacturing area with strict safety guidelines and then delivered to the site. The process on-site narrows to only being an installation tactic that cuts the safety components of the construction of the walls dramatically.
  3. Reduced Onsite Labor – the installation of the prefabricated product is quick and efficient, with sections going into place quickly, enabling the subsequent trades to be brought in promptly. This reduction will also help with costs and budgets. The Fastwalls yard has prefabricated, sheathed wall panels stacked ranging from 15-20ft high, ready to be shipped precisely when the project site requires them.
  4. Less waste on site – One of the ways to decrease environmental impacts from construction sites is to use prefabrication. Prefabricated steel walls can be manufactured, erected more efficiently, consume less energy, and generate less waste than the construction of conventional stick framing walls. Utilizing the prefab solution means that the walls arrive finished on-site, having a minimum waste impact towards the project, since they are not constructed on-site. In a quality-controlled factory, the materials are segregated into correct recycling criteria, providing projects cost savings due to less waste accumulated on-site and reducing the environmental impact.
  5. Quality Control – It’s important to gain a better understanding of all the components of prefabrication, every component of each wall is built according to conventional building codes required by the state or province, that the project resides. Regularity and quality are paired together on the factory floor, where prefab specialists can streamline results reducing building errors. Employees manufacture all the components in a clean indoor environment using uniform manufacturing levels, as opposed to outdoor site environments.