As Peter Drucker said “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.” Fastwalls emphasizes this in its products and designs. We are always willing to go above and beyond, to provide high-quality products to our clients, as it is our top priority. The reason quality assurance is so important to us is because we acknowledge that the slightest defect or failure may result in large costs and safety concerns. Our team takes pride in providing you with products that have been inspected and assessed to ensure quality control.

Some of the ways that Fastwalls ensures quality is by continually inspecting our product throughout the manufacturing process. We apply the standard quality assurance/quality control program in our factory. One of our staff members that is responsible for quality control receives panel tickets, which are the detailed drawings of each wall panel, for each project. As each panel is produced the individual inspects them to ensure they are built to spec. They check every panel’s dimensions, the window square, and the panel square and little details such as fastener quality. If the panel has been built to spec and no defect is found, the quality control individual signs off on the panel ticket thus indicating that the panel has been inspected and is approved to be shipped. These signed panel tickets are then given to the pre-construction coordinator to ensure that all panels have been manufactured according to the drawings. If there is a quality defect, then he or she returns the panel ticket to the factory for reproduction. We do this full quality assessment on every single panel as they leave the factory.

Fastwalls panels are delivered to site in the order that they will be installed. By completing these effortless quality control inspections offsite, we can provide better time savings, easy installations, and organization on the construction site.